About Acton

What exactly are we about? The answer is simple: Changing the world through entrepreneurship.

We are part educator, part entrepreneur. We are part matchmaker, part myth-breaker. We believe the go-it-alone entrepreneur never truly goes it alone. We all are the beneficiaries of the great business minds who have gone before - heroes who inspire and instill virtues.

That's why we founded the Acton Foundation For Entrepreneurial Excellence (AFEE). We are dedicated to connecting the principled entrepreneurial hero with the eager entrepreneurial up-and-comer. This is a match that has matchless potential. It reshapes paradigms and ignites new ideas.

We believe in higher education, but we believe the young entrepreneur deserves an education that is as unique as he or she is. We believe in teaching students how to build real businesses that serve real customers rather than arcane theories from professors or careless speculation with other people's money in exotic financial instruments. So we concentrate a program full of real-world case studies and simulated problem-solving. And we pack it all into a single year of high-velocity study.

In short, we believe that the action-packed adventure called entrepreneurship is a journey. And we all have a duty to give something to the cause. After all, changing the world has never been a one-man job.