Acton MBA

This is not your textbook MBA program. Acton is an intense, one-year entrepreneurial program like no other. We equip the entrepreneur of tomorrow with all you need to launch, land and successfully spin off one venture after another.

The Princeton Review ranks Acton MBA as the number two "classroom experience" in the country. It ranks our professors as number three in the nation. And our graduates as some of the most competitive in the world.

The program is taught by seasoned, successful entrepreneurs and it's chock full of real-world situations. Expect to spend 100 hours a week unlocking and analyzing over 300 actual business case studies from dozens of industries. Few experiences will alter your life and your outlook on business as much as your one year at Acton.

Acton makes three promises to its students:

  • You will learn how to learn.
  • Learn how to make money.
  • And learn how to live a life of meaning.

We don't just want the students who are ready to take on the world. We want the students who are ready to change it.

Find out more at ActonMBA.org.