Celebrating Entrepreneurial Heroes

Corporate greed. Golden parachutes. Dishonest Wall Street speculators. In times like these, you have to ask yourself, Where are all the business men and women of principle? Where do we find people of integrity willing to risk their own money to build quality businesses? People with a heart to serve their customers and their community?

Fortunately, they haven't all gone on strike. They are all around us, in each and every community, working hard, each and every day.

They are America's entrepreneurial heroes. And, ultimately, it will be these men and women who will fix America's economy. This site is a forum to highlight entrepreneurial heroes - their insights, personal integrity and far-reaching achievements. Best of all, it is your chance to share with others those heroes who have shaped and inspired you. It is your opportunity to let their stories shine through and remind us, once again, of the wellspring of prosperity and the fountain of generosity that flows from their lives.

30 Minutes with an Entrepreneurial Hero

Get answers to hard questions you've been wanting to ask. These entrepreneurs are busy, so get on their calendar, be clear with your objectives and be ready to learn.

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Express Your Gratitude

Inspiration, direction and insight often comes from others for entrepreneurs. Taking time to thank these life-shaping individuals is an essential part of the hero's journey.

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