Global Entrepeneurship Week (November 16-22)

The entrepreneurial idea that takes off in Boise can break loose in Bangkok. A good entrepreneurial idea has global implications. That’s why we are helping to raise the profile of entrepreneurs worldwide. They will share ideas, sponsor competitions and serve as living, breathing heroes to the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

The week is a global initiative that will link entrepreneurs online and face to face. Host organizations will make it all happen. There will be everything from invention competitions to entrepreneurial film festivals. From networking events to local entrepreneurial summits. All jam-packed into seven inspiring days.

This week will also serve as a time you can honor someone who has been a hero to you.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur in high school or college, take a minute to share the story of your entrepreneurial hero. The rules are easy. Best of all, you may have a chance to win stipends to assist with education expenses.

If you are a successful entrepreneur, this is the perfect venue for you to honor and thank someone who inspired your success. Just submit their name with a copy of your gratitude letter to this site.

30 Minutes with an Entrepreneurial Hero

Get answers to hard questions you've been wanting to ask. These entrepreneurs are busy, so get on their calendar, be clear with your objectives and be ready to learn.

Interview your hero

Express Your Gratitude

Inspiration, direction and insight often comes from others for entrepreneurs. Taking time to thank these life-shaping individuals is an essential part of the hero's journey.

Make Your Hero a Legend