How a chance encounter launched a career ladder

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It has been a crazy four years since we first met. After graduating, starting work I came to the realization that this was going to be it until I retire, I would have never seen where my life is today.

As you know I moved to the United States when I was eight from Warsaw, Poland. My parents believed once we moved to the US if you worked hard then life would pay it back to you. For me, after college I didn't want to even attempt to climb the corporate ladder it was made from steel, it was stern, I could see where it went, but not the top. There had to be something else? Our chance encounter and a friendship that developed, you gave me the confidence to build my own ladder (even if it was made from wood and wasn't complete).

And that's what I want to thank you for. After school I had a hammer and a couple of nails, but I didn't have the materials to start building this ladder. You gave me the materials when you helped me get my first account. Not only that, you gave me the confidence to start climbing on my own ladder - one I really had no idea on how to climb. You have stood at the bottom and made sure it stayed steady with your advice on hiring, payroll, negotiations or just listening to me when I think a disaster just happened.

Now we both now know that both our businesses have grow from this partnership we have developed, and I am determined to continue to provide you with determination and desire you demanded of me over the last four years.

Who would have known that Jeff's Christmas party would have been a catalyst for a great friendship and such a successful business partnership.

Thanks buddy,


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