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Dear Mrs. Rohr,

It is with great pleasure; honor, gratitude and even a little envy that I write this letter to thank you for obeying the voice of God when he called you to the work of PEP. God could not have chosen a more competent or comprehensive servant for such an undertaking as you have embarked upon. You have radically redirected every aspect of my life and I am sincerely grateful.

I have benefited enormously and continue to flourish as your admirer and student. I am so grateful to you for enriching my life in such a powerful way.

You possess so many essential qualities of a winner and effectively used them to bring out the best in me. Reading about your passion and vision for PEP infused me with real hope and when you said "I believe in you" after our interview, I was filled with confidence. That was the most exciting day of my life, bar none. You had no idea at the time how powerful those words were to me.

The four month business boot camp was extremely challenging. You did an excellent job of exposing me to the many areas of business, social responsibility, effective marketing, and driving values for the first time. While at the same time increasing my desire for excellence in all I do.

Finally. The wide-ranging recourses available to action-oriented entrepreneurs upon re-entry are incredible. PEP is saturated with priceless treasures too numerous to name at this time, trust me, I could fill a book. The prolific network of influential people you have introduced me to has allowed me to meet even more wonderful people who impact my life daily with knowledge, professionalism, guidance, accountability and love.

Ms. Rohr, I can never thank you enough for believing in me. I envy and admire you so much for being the passionate go-getter you are. If you were not so pretty, I'd want to be exactly like you.

Sincerely yours,

Hans Becker
PEP Class 7

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