Entrepreneurial heroes define themselves by the challenges they overcome, the vision they persue and the principles that guide their lives.

We have collected several of these hero stories, and will be adding more all the time. Many have been submitted by aspiring entrepreneurs with the drive and audacity to phone up living business legends and get an interview. So why not read a few and submit one of your own? Spreading this kind of inspiration is a major part of the Hero's Journey. Just take a step and you're there.

  1. Ben "Bud" Brigham


    The study of philosophy led Bud Brigham to discover his purpose in life.

  2. Bruce Thompson

    Bruce Thompson

    A master entrepreneur learns life's most important lessons.

  3. Catherine Rohr

    Catherine Rohr

    One woman rewrites the rules of entrepreneurship by going behind bars.

  4. Chris Frutkin

    Chris Frutkin

    How one entrepreneur overcame dyslexia and riots to lead an urban renaissance.

  5. Clayton Christopher

    Clayton Christopher

    How does a man blend iced tea and charity?

  6. Corey Bell

    Corey Bell

    Transforming system networks and peoples lives in the process.

  7. David Carrington

    David Carrington

    How a simple business plan and good values can change the face of NASCAR

  8. Desh Deshpande

    Desh Deshpande

    From humble beginnings in India, this entrepreneur revolutionized optical network technology.

  9. Erick Slabaugh

    Erick Slabaugh

    Erick Slabaugh rebuilt his family's company after the loss of a major client.

  10. Gerry Morton

    Gerry Morton

    An eye for spotting value where others do not transforms companies and rebuilds them.

  11. Heath Bradley

    Heath Bradley

    Repairing his family's roof eventually led this entrepreneur to restore the lives of families recovering from natural disasters.

  12. Henry W. Stein

    Henry W. Stein

    The U.S. Marines taught Henry W. Stein the importance of being part of something bigger than himself.

  13. Jennifer Walzer

    Jennifer Walzer

    Jennifer Walzer never believed in the perpetual glass ceiling for women in business.

  14. John Carrano

    John Carrano

    How one man's higher calling led him to servant leadership.

  15. Kathy Huber

    Kathy Huber

    Kathy Huber cultivated her passion for entrepreneurship building the infrastructure for the early Internet.

  16. Ken Zolot

    Ken Zolot

    Ken Zolot stretched the boundaries of innovation with his restless creativity in tech industry.

  17. Kris Kaplan

    Kris Kaplan

    Kris Kaplan returned to his entrepreneurial roots by forming Kris and Co., a leading sales representative force.

  18. Larry North

    Larry North

    How escaping a rocky childhood transformed this entrepreneur into a leading expert in health and fitness.

  19. Lee Walker

    Lee Walker

    A serial entrepreneur who can't stop learning.

  20. Mario Morino

    Mario Morino

    Mario Morino believes entrepreneurship will provide innovation for the survival of the planet.

  21. Mary Kay Ash

    Mary Kay Ash

    The year women's liberation wore pink.

  22. Matt Stewart

    Matt Stewart

    Matt Stewart learned the importance of a core value system and integrity in his business.

  23. Nicole Donnelly

    Nicole Donnelly

    How does one mother's discovery become an essential baby product across the globe?

  24. Paul Robshaw

    Paul Robshaw

    Maintaining one's values is important, even in the darkest of times.

  25. Phil Romano

    Phil Romano

    How one man's creativity is feeding our future.

  26. Randy Best

    Randy Best

    Because of a life-long learning disability, this serial entrepreneur developed imagination, memory, and a gift for persuasion.

  27. Russ Rosenzweig

    Russ Rosenzweig

    Russ Rosenzweig learned the importance of sharing his wealth with the world.

  28. Sarah Endline

    Sarah Endline

    Sarah Endline has started a revolution in the candy industry.

  29. Sharon Mays

    Sharon Mays

    How can one woman's individuality cause the fast food industry to turn a new leaf?

  30. Tom Meredith

    Tom Meredith

    A master of managing change and ever faster cycle times; this entrepreneur stays one step ahead of the competition.

  31. Tom Monaghan

    Tom Monaghan

    Domino's Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, overcame his pride and took a "vow to poverty."

  32. Tom Nall

    Tom Nall

    After a two-day retirement, Tom Nall has returned with wholesome core values and a passion for providing opportunities for his team in a new entrepreneurial venture.

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