What is a Hero's Journey?

The Hero's Journey is different for everyone and there's no predicting its course.

It's the path one takes toward principled entrepreneurship and living a life of meaning. Filled with an assortment of twists and turns, the Hero's Journey is challenging. It calls for strength, tenacity, and a bottomless reserve of determination. But in the end, when conducted with integrity and purpose, it is a journey that provides deep fulfillment and a sense of gratitude that transcends self and contributes to the world at large.

Navigating this journey successfully also requires guides--people to help you work through the setbacks and plan for the roadblocks. Their insights can see that you realize your dreams and expand your vision. They will be the people you will, one day, call your heroes.

That's where the journey starts, but it is not where it ends. One day, all your hard work pays off. Your dream takes shape. Your vision reaps its rewards. Then what?

It is time for you to take that next step on the Hero's Journey - passing the torch to the next generation.

This is your opportunity to give belated recognition to those who guided you and believed in you. To give inspiration to the aspiring entrepreneurs who follow in your footsteps. To assist the ones who have a dream, but lack a guide. That guide may be you. And so, the journey continues.

30 Minutes with an Entrepreneurial Hero

Get answers to hard questions you've been wanting to ask. These entrepreneurs are busy, so get on their calendar, be clear with your objectives and be ready to learn.

Interview your hero

Express Your Gratitude

Inspiration, direction and insight often comes from others for entrepreneurs. Taking time to thank these life-shaping individuals is an essential part of the hero's journey.

Make Your Hero a Legend