What Makes Entrepreneurs Heroes?

Father Sirico

What is an entrepreneur? Who are they? Why did this system of entrepreneurship grow with such vigor? How does entrepreneurship allow people to do good in the world, to serve and to flourish as human beings with integrity?

Explore answers to these questions with renowned entrepreneurial scholar Robert Sirico.

Carl Schramm

What is social entrepreneurship? Is it different from other types of entrepreneurship? What is the greatest achievement an entrepreneur can accomplish?

Explore answers to these questions with entrepreneur Carl Schramm.

30 Minutes with an Entrepreneurial Hero

Get answers to hard questions you've been wanting to ask. These entrepreneurs are busy, so get on their calendar, be clear with your objectives and be ready to learn.

Interview your hero

Express Your Gratitude

Inspiration, direction and insight often comes from others for entrepreneurs. Taking time to thank these life-shaping individuals is an essential part of the hero's journey.

Make Your Hero a Legend